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Introduction to Top-Bar hives (1 Day)

Saturday 22nd July 2017

£80.00 each

Keeping bees is an increasingly popular pastime which helps you to connect with nature and make a meaningful contribution to a healthy environment.

This practical, 1 day workshop provides an introduction to top-bar beekeeping. Participants will gain a good understanding of how to keep bees enjoyably and successfully using top-bar hives.

Topics covered will include:

  • ·   ·  The benefits of top-bar beekeeping
  • ·       Types of top-bar hive and how to build your own
  • ·       How to properly run a top-bar hive
  • ·       The value of top-bar beekeeping for those with a disabilities
  • ·       Practical experience of manipulating top-bar hives

Delegates will leave the course with the confidence and skills to start running their own top-bar hives.

Who is it for?

This course is for people who are already beekeepers and who are considering adding top-bars to their apiary.

Delegates will leave the course with the confidence and skills to start running their own top-bar hives.

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Comprehensive (2 day) Beginners course at Brinscall Hall

Saturday 28th/Sunday 29th October 2017

£100 each including food and overnight accommodation (Saturday night)

£80 each including lunches

The course is aimed at those with no previous knowledge of honeybees or beekeeping. You should leave with enough knowledge and confidence to set up a top-bar hive, populate it with bees and care for them throughout their first season with you. It is a simple, practical way to have healthy and happy bees in your garden, with the possibility of your own honey harvest, but without the cost and complications associated with conventional beekeeping.

Over the weekend we will discuss:

  • Principles of Natural Beekeeping
  • Introducing bees
  • Life cycle of the colony
  • Hints and tips to help you build your top-bar hive
  • Baiting a hive
  • Basic swarm catching
  • Feeding
  • Observation
  • Pests, diseases and the role of the Bee Inspector

And if you have any questions, bring them along! If possible - weather permitting - we will spend some time with the bees in one of the hives, so please bring suitable clothing (minimum hat and veil or beekeeping suit if you prefer). Some simple smocks will be available to borrow if you don't want to commit yet.

Arrive at 8.30 on Saturday for tea/coffee. We'll aim to end the training around 4.30 to 5.00 pm, but there will almost certainly be bee related chat during the evening!

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John (right) discussing top-bar hives at Brinscall