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Vicki Trowler

Loc'n: N Yorks






I attended a weekend natural beekeeping course at the Middlewood Trust, presented by John. The group included some who had bees, some who were about to get bees, and some who wanted to get bees at some point in the future, which presented a mix of levels of experience and interest. John kept us all engaged and interested for the entire weekend, mixing content-heavy presentation with light, humorous anecdote and  hands-on activity, visiting hives, watching a colony at work, and poking about one of his own demonstration hives.
John's knowledge and passion for bees and his grounded approach brought the joys of beekeeping to life, and we left thoroughly enthused and eager to host these wonderful fellow creatures.


Siân Saunders

Loc'n: Machynlleth


...your talk was excellent, packing so much useful information into a couple of hours and managing to be entertaining too....

Loc'n: Leeds

Really enjoyed the beginner top bar hive beekeeping workshop at the bee centre. So good to be encouraged into top bar hiving rather than discouraged as has happened from other 'conventional' beekeepers. Lots of information passed on to us. Lots to see and watch and lots of questions answered. Looking forward to natural beekeeping.

Loc'n: Manchester

Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend at Brinscall Hall. I attended the Natural Beekeeping Beginners Weekend wanting to learn more about the subject, unsure if I would want to keep bees...I've left absolutely inspired and 100% sure I will be keeping bees in the very near future. John is incredibly knowledgable and his love of bees clearly shines through in all his teaching.

Loc'n: Lincs

Met John on a great course last year. I recently asked about my "problem" bees. Amazing support by email and phone to help me sort the problem. Thanks


Loc'n: Cumbria

Many thanks for all of the help and advice. You've made my beekeeping much less worrying!

Faye Penny 
Loc'n: Quernmore 

Thanks John for the natural beekeeping course you ran at Middlewood. It was packed with interesting information and inspiring ideas  :-)


Ian McPherson 
Loc'n: Brigflatts, Cumbria

Thank you so much for your talk today to our Quaker community here at Brigflatts Meeting House. The content was not only extremely informative but also highly inspiring and we are looking foward very much to getting our own hive up and running this Spring. Many thanks again from all of us at Brigflatts.

Susan Dempster 
Loc'n: Drummore

My husband, father and myself thoroughly enjoyed John's talk on top bar hives on Monday 26 Jan 15. It was very interesting and gave us all food for thought. There was a lot of useful information and lots of direction on where to find more. Thanks John

Linda Robertson 
Loc'n: Western Galloway

As Secretary of Western Galloway Beekeepers Assoc, I am always on the lookout for new speakers for our winter schedule. One of our members heard John speak during the summer and suggested I contact him. I was pleased when John said he would make the journey to this lovely part of Scotland (in January!) and, given the distance he travelled, his expenses were very reasonable. The members enjoyed Johns enthusiastic presentation and they had lots of questions about the top bar hive. Lots of ideas! Thanks John

Fred Ayres  
Loc'n: Lancaster

[:-)]  John made an informative and very well received presentation on keeping bees in top bar hives at our workshop "Alternative Approaches to Beekeeping", which made a material contribution to the success of the workshop.

Annie Neligan 
Loc'n: Bentham, N Yorks

John came and talked to our Green Cafe this week. It was a fascinating presentation. A very clear introduction to the lives of honey bees for those of us who knew little,and then more and more illustrations, stories, different perspectives and dilemmas for natural bee keepers. We had both a highly entertaining evening and a new awareness of what we can be doing to support and enjoy bee life