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Talks about Beekeeping

Looking for something different for your group?
Have an interest in the natural world?

All groups and levels of interest catered for, from schools to beekeepers associations. A variety of talks to inform and learn on the subject of Natural Beekeeping or Bumblebees. Talks already delivered include:
  • Neonicotinoids and their effects on honeybees and the wider environment
  • Beekeeping History and why Natural Beekeeping has Evolved
  • Bee Inspectors and the Natural Beekeeper
  • Natural Beekeeping in Top-Bar Hives
  • Beekeeping - Is It For Me?
  • Extensive Beekeeping (as opposed to Intensive)
  • Keeping Bees - Naturally!
  • The Water Cycle in a Bee Hive
  • Natural Beekeeping in Bentham
  • What to expect from a nearby bee-hive
I like to use presentations that are picture rich. They are used as a prompt for me to talk to. I hate presenters that just read their slides!!

Please use the "Contact us" page to ask about talks, price & availability.

                                 Honeybees at home with their young