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 Biobees Forum  The first stop on the internet for information about Natural Beekeeping. Registering is easy and gives free access to a wealth of information from Natural Beekeepers all over the world.
 The Natural Beekeeping Trust  An organisation promoting sustainable beekeeping
 Bush Farms Bees  Pages of Natural Beekeeping information. A great resource for anyone new to the craft.
 Free Horizontal Top-Bar Hive Plans  For if you prefer to make your own hive.
 Free Warre Hive Plans  For those who can build a vertical Top-Bar Hive. For this type of hive, the book "Beekeeping for All" by Abbe Warre is recommended, available through the link as either a free downloadable e-book, or paper copy.
 Honey Bee Swarm Removal Services - Nationwide (UK)  For anyone needing a honeybee swarm removing.
 Chop & Crop Video  Phil Chandler's video instructions for adapting National frames for installing into a top-bar hive.

Other Top-Bar Beekeeping training providers - Biobees, plus a list of others at the foot of the page.