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Natural Beekeeper Training Courses

Interested in Natural Beekeeping and don't know where to start?
Want to use a top-bar hive, but unsure of the management techniques?
Need an introduction to Natural Beekeeping for experienced beekeepers?

I'm happy to create a custom training course to suit your needs. 
Training modules already available include:
  • An Introduction to Natural Beekeeping (for beekeepers with some experience)
  • Life of the Honeybee
  • An Introduction to Beekeeping - Naturally (for beginners)
  • Top-Bar Hive Management
  • Honeybee Problems and the Role of the Bee Inspector

I can deliver structured training at your site, including advice on building a top-bar hive. Once a colony is sourced, I can offer on-going support to new beekeepers as they learn about top-bar hive management techniques.

If you'd like to plan a course, please use the "Contact us" page to ask about courses, price & availability.

For courses currently available, please check our "Courses" page.

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                                 And in the classroom (at The Bee Centre)
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